Friday, August 17, 2012

Good Car Maintenance = Car Running Smoothly

Good Car Maintenance = Car Running Smoothly

What Equals Good Car Maintenance?
If you want to drive with less worries about your car, then you must keep a routine schedule of car maintenance and the proper inspections must be targeted. If you do keep the maintenance up on your vehicle, you will get the most from your car and extend its life.
All aspects of your car  must be considered when scheduling that routine car maintenance. What needs to be done and to what parts?

Hose Skins at SEMA Good Car Maintenance = Car Running Smoothly

For the purpose of this blog series, let’s start with the engine.
Engine: Everyone know that oil is important to your car running smoothly. Most of us change our oil or have it changed every 3,000 miles. When you change the oil, remember that changing the oil filter and other filters is equally as important. Don’t forget those spark plugs! Very important that they are checked as well as the wires. And when you get in the car, let it warm up for a moment. You know what happens to you, headed into a run or a walk, if you don’t warm up a little? The same premise is for letting your car warm up. If you don’t warm up the car, you can cause oil contamination and that could lead to more oil changes than you would like.
We would like to ask all you drivers out there for your own personal tips on taking care of your engine. What do you recommend? Put your comments in the comment section of this post and let’s make sure we keep all our cars in great shape!

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