Friday, August 17, 2012

Safe Driving Tips Start Under The Hood

Safe Driving Tips Start Under The Hood

Safe Driving Tips Are What Insurance Companies Like
When you and your car hit the road, there are some safe driving tips you should have checked off your list. Insurance Companies want you to follow a few simple tips and you should be well on your way-safely!
Here are a few key tips you should consider every time you get in your car:
Be Aware of Road Conditions-If the streets are wet or iced, slow down!
Keep a Safe Distance between cars-Leave on car length for every 10 mph and if someone cuts in, drop back.
Minimize Distractions-No cell phones, no eating, freshing make-up, ladies.
Road Rage is a BIG No-no-Give yourself plenty of time to travel. Don’t challenge other drivers and stay FAR away from the ones who seem to be a problem.
And finally, and perhaps MOST IMPORTANT-Car Maintenance-Your total safety depends on good car maintenance, Check your brakes, tires , battery, lights and hoses on a regular basis. Don’t put off car maintenance. This is your lifeline to a safe journey!
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