Friday, August 17, 2012

Highlight on Hose Candy User Manual-Create Your Own Fittings

Highlight on Hose Candy User Manual-Create Your Own Fittings

We recently received a request on how one might use Hose Candy product to make their own specialized fitting if needed. 
We have a spot where you can get that information right on our website.  You will go to the Hose Candy Manual.  The manual is also attached here for an easy download.
You will want to do this for all applications where a higher-temperature fitting is needed.  This means on turbo applications as well.  For all other applications, you will not need to worry about doing anything other than measuring out your hose and figuring out how you want to assemble your fittings to make them easiest on you.  As you can see from the image below, there are many ways to fit the Hose Candy products to the needs of your car. 

Hose Candy Configurations Highlight on Hose Candy User Manual Create Your Own Fittings

These are just a few of the styles and possibilities.  We hope that you enjoy your Hose Candy product and feel free to order more when needed.  Their are numerous ways to make Hose Candy fit your needs and sweeten your ride.

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